Our projects

Current charity project:  Restoration Trust Game

Why do we need donations?

Our first pilot was successful and ran on no budget at all but if we are going to achieve our aims we can’t continue to work in that way. We have to get started somehow and, unfortunately, a budget is needed so that we can guarantee to finish what we start. Emily and I continue to do this for the love of it but we need to be able pay a developer to take on the responsibility of delivering projects for clients. Without this there is no work experience. We need to build a client base and can’t take on work at this stage that brings in enough to cover costs. We will be able to just about do this one day but our model is a break-even, rather than profit-making model. It has to be this way. Our aims are to develop young people’s skills and experience, to open up new progression routes for school leavers and to produce affordable software for charities. None of these activities is high-yield.

Seven reasons why futureCoders was formed