Information for tutors

Please help us by spreading the word about this opportunity.

This experience is a work-experience opportunity, providing a rich experience beyond a one-week placement.  Advantages include:

  • ongoing experience – 2 days per week throughout the year
  • working alongside a professional developer whose role is to support your student in developing her/histechnical skills
  • working alongside a mentor whose role is to support your student in developing his/her employability skills
  • working in a team with other young people, from other colleges/schools
  • working with industry mentors who will review code give advice and support as needed
  • working directly with clients to understand the needs of their organisation in terms of the software they want developed (this may include some volunteering to allow the student to further understand the mission of the charity/non-profit they are working with
  • potential to provide a real extended project for those completing a technical baccalaureate

If you know of a student who would really benefit from this programme, please encourage them to look through this site and to apply by contacting us at the address given on the Information for students page.  During the application process you will be asked to give supporting testimony and permission for the student to take part.  Our next pilot programme will run from March 1st 2017 to August 31st 2017.

If you would like any more information, please contact Karen at