Offering a progression opportunity for a student

 The aim of futureCoders is to ‘employ’ young people currently studying full-time vocational computing (BTEC/HND), or equivalent,  on their non-study days.  Having been recommended by their tutors, students would work around 16 hours per week, with a professional , to develop apps (mobile and web) for charities and non-profits and to contribute to open source projects.
Our mission is to help students to develop high level, work-ready skills to supplement their broader, vocational education at college.  Would your company consider:
  • taking a graduate of futureCoders (and their college course) straight into a junior developer role?
  • taking a graduate of futureCoders (and their college course) on a full-time, Level 4 or Degree apprenticeship?
  • allowing some of your employees and/or apprentices to participate in pair coding sessions, collaboration projects, code reviews, etc?
  • taking a futureCoders student or graduate on a short term work experience placement at your company?

surveybuttonIf the answer to any of the above is ‘yes’, please get in touch so that we can start a conversation,