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About @futureCodersSE ×

Started in 2016, @futureCodersSE aims to create great coders and to link them with employers. We work with young people, aged between 16 and 24. We help them learn to code through our education programme, of hackathons, coding workshops, project workshops and careers events. We help them to become more skilled and more employable through our work experience programme. We certify their skills, attitudes and behaviours in line with the SFIA skills framework and introduce them to employers.

We don't pretend coding is easy and we encourage all our young participants to work hard, to practice their skills and so to improve. We know that this has benefits in terms of employability and digital literacy.

We work with schools, colleges, youth organisations and employers to identify, encourage and develop young people. Young people can apply directly to be part of our work-experience programme, or might be identified and encouraged through our education programme. Our certification process can help employers have more confidence in recruiting a young person.

Our mission...

Is to increase the number of UK educated, skilled, young developers in the talent pool to help digital businesses in the UK thrive for generations to come.

Our team...

Emily Orton, Director Karen Scott, Director Maggy Burns, Volunteer Anthony Funai, Student Jamie Knott, Student

Opportunities for 16-24 year olds

If you want to get ahead, learn, network, build a portfolio, get work experience, we have a range of opportunities to help

For more information about any of the opportunities listed below, email info@futurecoders.org.uk

  • More info: here ..or email info@futurecoders.org.uk


Work experience for 16-19 year olds

High-quality, meaningful, project-based, work experience for college/sixth form students can produce skilled and confident software developers.

Work Experience

Young people gain work experience by working in our development teams with a professional lead, a volunteer and one or two other students

They gain recognised skills, and build confidence, while developing apps for charities.

We developed this digital annual report for The Restoration Trust

Read our blog post about the project

Supporting colleges and sixth form

Our programme of activities in schools, colleges and youth centres helps us to identify and encourage young people who might benefit from our work experience programme and who might make great developers in the future.


-- Hackathons, coding workshops, careers events --

Take a look at our programme of activities

Contact us for more information at: info@futureCoders.org.uk

Supporting employers

We work with employers to encourage more work experience placements, apprenticeships and job openings for young people. After up to a year with us, our participants have already proved their level of skill, employability and commitment to the industry.

We assess and accredit our participants against Level 2 on the Skills Framework for the Information Age

Take a look at our employer support offer

Contact us for more information at: info@futureCoders.org.uk

Community outreach

We work with the community to create networking and learning opportunities.

We run regular Coding Challenge events where the local developer community and young people can meet, listen to tech talks and work together on coding challenges.

We can arrange visits to companies, exhibits and events for young people to expand their experiences of the tech industry.

Our next Coding Challenge event will be in November. CodeJam in October

Innovation Centre Medway, Maidstone Rd, CHATHAM ME5 9FD
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Our business is skills-building ×

Our project teams include students, volunteers and a professional tech lead. Our projects range from web-based apps to IoT.

Our current project teams are developing Amazon Alexa skills and updating our website.

We want you to see what we our students can do and so this website will change continually.


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